Moose in Grand Teton National Park

Barker-Ewing, Environment, Jackson Hole, Rafting, Wildlife

MooseWe are privileged to live in Jackson Hole with Grand Teton National Park on our doorstep, and we do our best to be thoughtful stewards of our surroundings. But I admit that in my youth I have walked too close to a moose, approached a bear for a photo op, and skied close enough to a badger to make it lunge towards me. (I found this so amusing that I may have skied past this particular badger more than once. Perhaps as many as four times.) But it’s important for us all to be reminded that the creatures with whom we share this valley are wild and undomesticated.

One of the most charismatic wild creatures in these parts is the moose. Moose originated in northern Eurasia. They arrived in North America during the last ice age and have since evolved in step with the changing environment. …continue reading Moose in Grand Teton National Park