Barker-Ewing river guides are professional boatmen who have acquired a thorough knowledge of the natural history of Jackson Hole. Sharing their experience and perspective will add a meaningful dimension to this memorable adventure.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Reed Finlay

    Reed Finlay

    Reed, our Senior Boatman, earned a History degree from Davidson College in North Carolina. He has been a Barker-Ewing guide since 1994, and is also a ski patrolman for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. He enjoys ski Mountaineering and cycling in the Tetons as well as traveling abroad and camping with his wife and high energy four year old.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Michael Inman

    Michael Inman

    Michael always knew that he wanted to grow up to be a Snake River boatman. Following his pre-law studies at Rice University and the University of Wyoming, Michael spent a year at Grand Cayman as a Scuba Divemaster. He became a Snake River guide in 1999, and on days off he is often climbing, hiking and camping in the Tetons and Wind Rivers.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Eric Barker

    Eric Barker

    Eric began guiding for the family business in 1983, and has logged more than 25,000 miles on this stretch of the Snake River. He has a degree in History from Montana State University, and between river seasons works as a middle school teacher in Bozeman. Eric plays concertina, banjo and guitar in several local folk groups. He is an expert Nordic skier, and an avid consumer of science fiction.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Neil Huckin

    Neil Huckin

    Neil follows the lead of his father who guided for us in the late sixties. A 19-day trip through the Grand Canyon in 1995 sparked his love for river running; when he is not working on the river, he is playing on the river and has run the Salmon, Cataract Canyon, Westwater and many other western rivers. Neil’s other interests include climbing, hiking, snowboarding and cooking.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Grant Bishop

    Grant Bishop

    Grant spent his early years living at the Teton Science School in Grand Teton National Park. He joined us in 2006, and has rafted and kayaked numerous rivers around the country. Grant lived in Europe for many years, and is proficient in German, Italian and Spanish. He spends his winters as a telemark ski instructor who trains and certifies instructors for the Professional Ski Instructors of America.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Hank McCurdy

    Hank McCurdy

    Hank grew up in Moose and enjoyed exploring the Grand Tetons just beyond his back door. He studied geology at the University of Wyoming. His interests include skiing, fishing and of course, river running. Besides guiding on the Snake, Hank has boated the canyons of the Green, Colorado, and Rogue rivers. Hank works as a ski patroller in the winter and joins us for his tenth season on the Snake.

  • Barker-Ewing-Guide-Travis-Kryger

    Travis Kryger

    Travis, a California native, earned a degree in Music Theory from San Diego State. His love of rivers and mountains brought him to Jackson Hole in the late ‘90s, and he has been with Barker-Ewing since 2007. He works for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the winter. Travis was the last guide trained by “Legend of the Snake” Dick Barker.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Jim Stanford

    Jim Stanford

    Jim came West after earning a degree in history from Duke University. This is his 16th summer of guiding on the Snake, and his river experience includes the Grand Canyon of the Colorado and Hell’s Canyon on the Snake. Jim serves on the Jackson Town Council and is a freelance writer and photographer.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Forest McCarthy

    Forrest McCarthy

    Forrest spent over 20 years guiding clients up the Grand Teton for Exum Mountain Guides, but in 2013 decided go with gravity instead and joined the B-E crew. In addition to participating in many climbing, skiing, and scientific expeditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic, he has made numerous first descents of rivers in the Rocky Mountains & Alaska. He has a BA in Outdoor Education from Prescott College and a MS in Geography from the University of Wyoming.

  • Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips Guide: Reynolds Pomeroy

    Reynolds Pomeroy

    Reynolds moved to Jackson Hole in 1980, fresh out of Hobart College, NY with a BA in Resource Management, and has been a Snake River enthusiast ever since. He started and co-owned Westbank Anglers and has been a Teton County Planning Commissioner. He joined B-E in 2013. Reynolds is also a real estate broker.