Grand Teton’s Killdeer: A Bird of Action


Imagine drifting down the Snake River, with the majestic Grand Tetons looming overhead to the west. Suddenly, a flash of brown streaks across the shoreline with fast, stiff, and intermittent wingbeats, its shrill two-tone call echoing in the air. You’ve just encountered a Killdeer, a fascinating shorebird that thrives in Grand Teton National Park! While…

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The Riparian Zone: Secrets of the Grand Teton Moose

A Moose standing in the willows along the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park

Imagine this: Majestic antlers pierce the twilight sky, a powerful silhouette looms against the backdrop of the Tetons – the moose is an emblem of Grand Teton National Park. But for Barker Ewing Scenic Float Trips, a moose sighting is more than just a photo op; it’s a chance to witness a fascinating creature in…

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‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season of light, warmth and cheer! One festive tradition during these dark days of winter is the simple kiss under the mistletoe. This tradition originated in Europe with the Norse tale of the death of Baldur, the God of innocence and light by an arrow made of mistletoe. His mother Frigga’s tears restored…

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Discoveries in Your Own Home

Sometimes you make discoveries in your own home. In my case, the discovery was in Gray’s antique map of the Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho territories from 1875, just after the Hayden Survey and the exploration and formation of Yellowstone National Park. The other day, I was gazing at the map in a semi-distracted state when…

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Dip! Wade! Swim!

The water ouzel was my father’s favorite bird. Sometimes I think it was his favorite because he liked to say “water ouzel.” Try it, it’s fun! There are five water ouzel varieties throughout the world, and our local ouzel is the American dipper. (Not as much fun to say.) The American dipper is roughly robin-sized…

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