Blogging and River Rafting . . . huh?

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Mt. Moran and the Oxbow Bend

Well here it is.  Barker-Ewing Scenic Float Trips has made history.  Who would have thought we’d have a blog?  Back in 1963 when the business started, “blog” wasn’t even a word, or a concept.  It was all about rotary-dialed telephones, and mailing brochures through the mail….

Now its email and websites, facebook, and blogging.  For a business whose primary goal is to help visitors take a step away from all of that–leave the cell phones and ipads behind and for just a few hours, sit and listen and float the snake river–creating a blog feels kind of strange.

I’ll admit I was NOT a blogger or a blog reader until recently.  What is the point of a blog, anyway? To connect? share? brag?  We finally gave in and decided to just do it.  And then it dawned on me.  We love where we live, and where we work, in the heart of the mountains in Grand Teton National Park.  They are beautiful, and the animals and the sounds and smells are exhilarating and inspiring.  And isn’t that something worth sharing?

Here we go . . .


Established in 1963, Barker-Ewing Float Trips has been sharing the beauty and wonder of Grand Teton National Park with visitors from around the world, for over 40 years.  Wild nature surrounds you on these river rafting trips, floating beneath the Grand Tetons on the headwaters of the Snake River.