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I recently read a post on the O.A.R.S. blog–20 reasons why a Rafting Trip is the Perfect Family Getaway.  I love what river runner Ben Curnett wrote:

You don’t have much time. No one does. It’s why vacations are so important. You’ve got to make every second count. But you don’t want to be in “hurry up and relax”-mode the whole time.” 

This spring I made a road trip down to the Red Desert of Wyoming.  It was a pleasant trip and a beautiful area.  By the time I made it back home, however, I was pretty exhausted. Yet anytime I do a rafting trip—and they always require the longest drives and shuttling logistics—I never feel more at ease, content, and peaceful.  I come home elated and alive, and ready to tackle life!

Maybe it’s leaving the car behind and setting foot in a world without engines and traffic and electrical outlets?  Once you are on a raft, nature is in the driver’s seat.  No speed limits to obey, 4-way stops to navigate, just the flow of the river.  It’s as if nature is reminding us that time (as we are all obsessed with it on our devices) isn’t a specific arrangement of numbers.  And if we’re in too much of a hurry, and don’t take a moment to enjoy the moment, well, then we’ve really missed the boat!

Enjoy summer and all it has to offer; but be sure to make time to let time go…..for me, after 10 years of rafting adventures on the Snake River and beyond, I know exactly where I can find that.

~Laura, B&E office

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