HOWL can we balance Wild Nature with Human Nature?

wolf - Wildlife Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming is facing a major dilemma today.  The gray wolf (Canis lupus), which was RE-introduced into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in 1995 (after being wiped out by humans in the early 1900’s), has become the symbol of many things in the human world.  Are they wanton killers or indispensable protectors of the natural ecosystem?  Are…

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Our Legend of the Snake…Dick Barker

This Friday afternoon, the Snake River Fund will be bringing the 5th annual “Legends of the Snake” float trip to Grand Teton National Park.  Our owner and founder, Dick Barker, will be a part of this float, as will co-founder Frank Ewing.  This provides me with a great opportunity to give a brief (hopefully) history…

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Blogging and River Rafting…huh?

Mt. Moran at sunrise

Well here it is.  Barker-Ewing Scenic Float Trips has made history.  Who would have thought we’d have a blog?  Back in 1963 when the business started, “blog” wasn’t even a word or a concept.  It was all about rotary-dialed telephones, and mailing brochures through the mail… Now its email and websites, Facebook, and blogging.  For…

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