A Rainy Christmas…Far From Home

photo courtesy of Grand Targhee Resort

There’s no doubt about it…you can’t beat summer in western Wyoming.  The sunshine and clear blue skies that frame the towering mountain peaks make me smile with joy, every single day.  And then comes winter:

Some folks around here LIVE for winter.  The powder days on the ski slopes or in the back country.  The snowmobiling into the national forests.  The rest of us joke about how long winter is:  “well, sometimes it starts in October, but then those dry years it doesn’t show up until November…Of course, June can be good weather, but I’ve been caught in a snowstorm when backpacking the first week of June, so…”

My husband and I decided to take a trip and visit family near Seattle, Washington for Christmas this year.  It was so GREEN when we got here!  And RAIN! Wow.  It’s been great visiting family we rarely get to see because of the 800-mile gap between us; but hearing the sound of rain on the roof, and walking around in a light jacket feels strange.

We’ve found ourselves longing for that cold, dark, snowy, icy, place we call home.  Maybe it’s because of the “closeness” that a snowy winter brings?  Casual dinners with friends, Sunday afternoon football, a fire in the wood-burning stove…ahhh…just warms me up thinking about it.

Can’t wait to get home to shovel out the driveway in time for the New Year.  And only five months left of winter (or maybe it’s six?). Time to pull out the skis and snowboards.

Auld Lang Syne!

~Laura Huckin


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Established in 1963, Barker-Ewing Float Trips has been sharing the beauty and wonder of Grand Teton National Park with visitors from around the world, for over 40 years. Wild nature surrounds you on these river rafting trips, floating beneath the Grand Tetons in an area untouched by human development for generations. Our professional boatmen provide a depth of experience to make every trip special on this protected section of the Snake River.

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