Hungry Landslide?

Have you been reading recent reports like this one from Fox News: “Rocky landslide slowly devours part of Wyoming resort town”? Our boatman Jim Stanford (shown at right), who is a member of the Jackson Town Council, has been keeping us informed about both the slide itself, and the national press reports, which are quite exaggerated! Check out Jim’s wonderful blog site,  for up-to-date information about the slide.

In spite of some of the news headlines, Jackson Hole is not being devoured! This landslide is temporarily affecting a couple of the businesses that are just below the path of the slide, as well as several homes that are above it. It appears to be the result of a quarry having been in operation there from the 1950s to the 1970s, as well as some more recent widening of the road leading into the town of Jackson. Every effort is being made to stabilize the area, and in no way will this event affect any of the other businesses in Jackson or any of the remaining parts of the Jackson Hole valley, including Grand Teton National Park. Jim’s blogsite will provide you with plenty of information about this ongoing situation; check it out!

For additional information, including a live video stream webcam of the landslide,  also check out

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